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Weight Update :) as of 08/23/13


The kitty in the title pic says it all!  I’ve been weighing myself about once a week for a month or so now, and just thought I would share that I have officially lost 10 lbs since I started counting calories.  Actually, I think I’ve lost a little more than that, but 10 pounds ago was the first time I had the guts (oops, no pun intended haha!) to get on the scale to see what my “starting” weight was! EEK! :D

Soooo…how long did it take me to lose that 10lbs, you ask?  Well, the last 5 of it has come off in about 2 weeks.  The first 5 took me…don’t freak out…almost 2 months! WHAT? Why bother, you say? I told you not to freak out! :) Here’s the deal.  The first couple of months I wasn’t really trying to lose weight, per se.  I spent that time a) just getting in the habit of weighing/measuring and tracking my food faithfully, without necessarily cutting back on calories and then b) gradually cutting back on calories each week until I found the magic number that would let me consistently lose 1 to 2 lbs a week.

For instance, in late June it was my birthday, soooo…yeah. And in July I spent a couple weeks out of state, visiting my darling daughter, Chickpea (not her real name, don’t worry! :D ) During those times, I concentrated on just tracking my food intake, and keeping my daily calories between 1800-2000.  After that, I started cutting back calories a little each week, until I hit my “magic number”.  This appears to be right around 1400 calories a day for me right now. At the end of this post is a snapshot of an Excel chart I made showing my average daily calories over a week vs. the number of pounds I lost in that week.  Because I am a nerd like that. :D You can see from the chart that after I got my daily calories down to around 1400, I suddenly dropped 4 lbs and then another 1 lb in a 2 week period.  I expect that after that initial sudden 4 lb drop, it will level out to a consistent 1 or 2 lbs a week.  Hopefully! :)

If you want to start counting calories, you don’t have to do it that way, you could jump right in.  There are lots of weight loss resources online that can help you calculate what may be the “right” calorie range for you to lose (or maintain) weight. But I did it that way this time for a reason.  When I have needed to lose weight in the past (no, this is not my first go around with gaining and losing weight…shocker!) I would jump right to eating only about 1200 calories a day, because I KNEW I could lose a couple of pounds a week that way, easily.  Well, easily as far getting on the scale every week and seeing the number go down. At that minute, I would be very happy.  For the other 6 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes of each week, I was hungry and bitc…errr…not so happy! :)   No matter how much little-or-no calorie veggies and salad I would try to fill up on, 1200 calories a day was  just. not. enough. for me to stick with it for as long as necessary.  I could go weeks or even months, but eventually would get tired of just being frikkin’ hungry all the time, and would just kind of give up. This time I wanted to find out at what point I could consistently lose weight, and still eat AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! :)   1400 calories a day seems to be working, and is proving to be pretty tolerable for me, at least so far!

So that’s it for now.  I’ll probably post an update every month or so about the amount of weight I’ve lost.  Please remember, I am not a doctor or nutritionist, etc., so please speak with yours before starting any weight loss program. :)

Also… :D :D :D :D just because I’m not sure if I already put enough smileys in this post. Ha!





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