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Snacks: Have Your Cookies & Eat Them Too!


Hello again, everyone! I hope everyone was able to enjoy a little R&R and time with family and friends over the Labor Day Weekend. I sure did! And although I enjoyed the holiday weekend, I did indeed have my battles with trying to stay within my calorie budget, as I predicted in this post.

Soooo…how did I do? I was mostly good, except for one day. Allow me to just short-hand it for you: Fun time had by all…adult beverages…”creative” calorie juggling…don’t be like me…I am not a health professional…my doctor is and also hopefully not reading this. That should cover it.

And naturally, what better way to rebound from a little bit of holiday excess than to follow right up with a post about…COOKIES! I know, right?! I blame my lovely friend, Mrs. T., who got me thinking about cookies today because she said that she was craving them. Because I certainly don’t just think about cookies all on my own. Ahem.

So now that we are on the subject of cookies, there WILL be blood there is no going back, and so I will share with you some cookies that I have been enjoying in recent weeks that seem pretty darn…healthy! And taste good! I am not trying to foist some sawdust-and-prune puree “cookies” on you just because they are healthy! Let’s just take a look at my bad pic of these good cookies, and you decide if they look tasty or not…
cookies2Got your attention? Okay, now on to the rest! The 95 grams of cookies shown here contain approx. 212 calories. (95 grams?! Yes – get thee a food scale!) I actually eat less than that of them as a rule, about 70-75 grams worth.  But I had the calories to spare that day, so live a little! Right?

These cookies can be made with as little as three simple ingredients – bananas, oatmeal and chocolate chips. That’s it! I made them with just the 3 the first time, and they were good.  But not quite cookie enough for me, so I had to put a little Wile spin on them.  Before we go on to my spin on these cookies,  check out the site where  I found them. Their pix are much better, I must say. Go on, it’s OK. I’ll wait. But come back for the calorie details and how I change them up a little to something even better!

Now that you are back, here is how I make my version of these cookies. I take their basic recipe, and just add 1 tsp vanilla, 1 Tbsp of dark chocolate cocoa powder, and a little bit of chopped walnuts.  Usually 10 grams, in fact.  Walnuts are spendy in the calorie department, so I use as little as possible, but I MUST add them! Because walnuts belong in cookies. Actually, I think walnuts belong in pretty much everything! I LOVE them! If I was stranded on a desert island, all I would need for food is walnuts. Okay, and pork chops. Also, grilled peaches. Oh, and maybe these COOKIES, too, since that what this post is supposed to be about!

But alas, although walnuts are good for you and loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants and whatever else (I dunno, Google it!), they are also highly caloric and I still need to use them sparingly. This is not easy for me, as I will eat them by the handful if I’m left unsupervised not careful. At the same time, I also feel compelled to buy them in the largest economy-size bag I can find, as they are not cheap, and I am! I pretty much solve these conflicting needs by stashing said humongous bag in the back of the freezer somewhere, and [usually] forgetting about them until I need them. Freezing them also helps keep them from going rancid for much longer. Just a little extra tip for ya, there.

Truth time: would I rather have ooey-gooey, loaded up, traditional chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies? Yes! DUH! But these are very good for a “healthy” cookie, I don’t feel guilty eating them, and I’m not inclined to eat too many. Most of the time.  But if I am feeling “weak”, I just bag ‘em up and throw them somewhere in the back of the freezer with the walnuts! :)

Check out this Nutrition Info post for the calorie details on these healthy but yummy cookies.  Let me know in the comments if you try them, and what you think!


P.S. I should also mention that I do not find these to be overly banana-y tasting. Which seems kinda odd, but also a good thing, in my opinion! I love bananas, but often do not care for banana-flavored things.   I know, I have issues, I guess. Whatevs! :)   I think baking them may tone down the banana flavor a bit, somehow? Alton Brown, if you are reading this, please leave a comment and enlighten us! Anyway, I just thought I would put that out there, in case the thought of a banana-flavored cookie was off-putting to you, too!

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