Bad Pix of Good Food

good (to me!) food I eat, and the bad pictures I take of it – just for you!


Snacks: “Fruit for Dessert? C’MON, MAN!” But hmmm…


My entire life I have never bought into the “fruit can be dessert!” propaganda.  Every time I see some health guru trying to pull this one off, it really kind of chaps my hide.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fruit. But fruit is not dessert.  Fruit is something you have because you want…fruit. Dessert is pudding. Or cake. Or ice cream.  And please, do not try putting fruit in my dessert, either.  Chocolate cake with cherry filling? No thank you.  Fruit is fruit, and cake is cake and never the twain should meet. The end.

Or is it? Presenting my “dessert” tonight, grilled nectarines with yogurt, sprinkled with cinnamon and dark chocolate cocoa powder:

I have been grilling a lot of nectarines and peaches lately, ever since my new love moved in, lil’ Weber Smokey Joe Silver. I LOVE YOU, SMOKEY JOE! Sorry, I had to yell that so he could hear me out on the back patio. Okay, I seriously need to just make a post about Smokey Joe so I might not sound so crazy…

Anyhoo, I split them and brush each half with raspberry balsamic vinegar and maybe a few drops of olive oil, and just pop em on the grill for 10 minutes-ish.  I grill up 2 or 3 nectarines at a time while I’m at it, and eat them over a couple of days or so.  You can eat them warm (delish!), but I’ve been waiting till they cool, and adding a dollop of plain, non-fat yogurt, and sprinkling them with cinnamon and dark chocolate cocoa powder. LOVE!

And I don’t know if it’s because they are grilled that is making the difference, but damn, they almost seem like real dessert! Almost.  I’ll confess that I’ve got enough calories left today for a sugar-free dark chocolate Jello pudding or two, so I still feel maybe a late night snack coming on!

Let me know in the comments what you think about the whole “fruit as dessert” thing, I’d love to hear what you think!


I won’t do a separate Nutrition Info post on this one…just list it here:

117 grams of nectarine – 51 cals, 43 grams of non-fat plain yogurt – 19 cals, TOTAL: 70 cals.

Sorry, I did not note the weights in ounces, you can convert it via Google, or GO GET YOU A FOOD SCALE, RIGHT NOW! :D


P.S. Claimers of the Dis variety: I have no affiliation whatsoever with any of the companies and/or products mention in this post. Grazie!



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