Bad Pix of Good Food

good (to me!) food I eat, and the bad pictures I take of it – just for you!


Hello, my name is Pam, and welcome to my blog, Bad Pix of Good Food. Here’s a little bit of info about me and my blog:


  • Nutrition Expert
  • Food Stylist
  • Last Season’s “Home Cook” Surprise Winner of Master Chef
  • Professional Photographer
  • Fitness Guru
  • Gifted Writer
  • Comedy Genius
  • Kirstie Alley

Yeah. I am NONE of those things (errr…or people…no offense, Kirstie!). So, please keep that in mind whilst perusing my food blog. What I am is:

  • Pushing 50
  • Fa….errr…”Fluffy!”
  • Trying in earnest to eat healthy most of the time and lose weight
  • Weirdly and suddenly compelled to take pictures of my food with my phone cam and post them on the interwebs
  • Occasionally profane and/or tipsy
  • And frankly, I’m an absolute delight to know!

And since this blog is primarily about the foods I am preparing and eating, I should also mention again that although I am not technically qualified to dispense advice regarding diet or nutrition, please feel free to follow along for the hell of it. Because I do have a lot of personal experience with calorie-counting, meal planning, and making fresh, easy and pretty darn good tasting food.  Trying to lose weight does not mean you have to only eat certain foods, or live on specialty “diet” foods like frozen meals or shakes. I like real food. I just have to eat less of it! So the challenge  is finding a way to eat less in calories without feeling totally deprived or starving all the time. It’s not always easy, but it is possible with a little planning and know how!

Just so you know, I am also NOT any of the following:

  • Vegetarian/Vegan (NTTIAWWT)
  • Burdened by food allergies of any kind whatsoever
  • Particularly concerned about some food “issues” such as carbs, dairy, sugars, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, GMO foods, organic (or not) foods, etc., etc. However, I do try to avoid excess sugar, overly processed foods and unhealthy fats as a taste preference and/or means to an end
  • More stuff to be added here as I think of things

And since I seem to be inordinately fond of bullet lists at the moment, here is one of my general approach to eating for purposes of this blog:

  • Planning! It can quickly fall apart unless I have a basic plan, at least.  Nothing rigid or complicated, but being prepared and creating options is key
  • Emphasis on eating whole, fresh foods, prepared by moi
  • Low-fat, with emphasis on limiting saturated fat and trans fats in favor of healthy fats
  • Trying to up my lean protein intake on a daily basis (within reason, I am not a carb-counter)
  • Complex carbs are AOK with me, and I prefer them to simple carbs, anyway.  Well, except I do have a wicked sweet tooth and love me some of the sweet, sahweeet sugar! But alas, I must forsake it, now.


In short, while I believe I am personally following a sound and proven path to weight loss, and enjoy sharing my experiences with you, please consult your doctor, nutritionist or other qualified professional before starting any weight loss program!

I think that pretty much covers it, and if you’re still reading, I hope you enjoy my bad pix of my good (to me!) food. :)




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