Bad Pix of Good Food

good (to me!) food I eat, and the bad pictures I take of it – just for you!


Lunch: I like to KISS!


KISS – keep it simple, stupid. :)   Not actual kissing, of course. I mean, hey, actual kissing is great and all, but it sure don’t fill mah belly! I know because I have tried. :-D I also like to KISS for breakfast, too, which I talk about in this post.

Personally, I don’t really feel a need to be super creative or mix things up all the time for each and every meal.   For both lunch and breakfast in particular, I’m usually content with just having one of a couple of quick and easy  things that I like, or some minor variation thereof.  Dinner is the meal where I like to have more variety, or maybe get a little creative, or try something completely new.

For lunch, I pretty much stick with either a lunch meat sandwich and side salad, or a larger salad with meat and maybe also some extras like an egg, etc. added. When I have the larger salad, it’s usually because I’m  just using up leftover meat and veggies from a prior dinner, like in this steak salad – which I actually had for dinner in that particular post, but no matter. And using leftovers for my lunch should not be a surprise to anyone, considering my fondness for them!

Some may think me unadventurous…lazy…boring…ummm…just easy to please? Yes, let’s go with that last one!  But there are a couple of other reasons I like to just KISS for lunch (and breakfast).

The first one is that I am a life-long member of the Meal Skipping Club.  Especially breakfast, but often lunch too.  Truth is, for a “fluffy” gal, I really don’t think about food much at all, until I am HUNGRY! Now that I think of it, many of the people I’ve known in my life who have been the most obsessed with food and/or eat constantly seem to be the thin people*. I’d kill them ALL, if I didn’t love them! :) My thin sister, for example.  The woman eats like a truck driver! Always has. You better get in line before her at the buffet, or you ain’t getting SQUAT! No lie! I’ll never forget one time when she was staying at my house for a visit.  She called me up at work and asked if I minded if she made an apple pie.  “Of course I don’t mind”, says I. So la de dah, I come home from work, we have dinner and I said “Hey sis, how ’bout we have some of that apple pie you made for dessert?” You know what she said?! “Oh. I ate it all. Sorry.” She ate THE WHOLE PIE! Who the hell eats a WHOLE PIE in one afternoon?! Okay, who the hell eats a WHOLE PIE in one afternoon and STAYS THIN?! FML. :D   But I digress…

So, for several months now, I have been making myself not skip B&L (most of the time, anyway) out of being not hungry at the time, or too busy, or forgetful, etc., etc. And KISSing really helps me do that. The other reason is, I like to save more of my days’ calories for dinner and evening snacks.  I just like to eat more later in the day and evening. I know that is generally considered a big no-no, but that’s the way I am, and trying to fight it has proven to be futile for me.  I’ll probably talk about that more in another post one of these days.  So, to that end, I’ve got my lunch routine down to a couple of things that use the least amount of calories possible, while still filling me up enough so that I don’t go whole hog at dinner time and/or afterwards (PIE ANYONE?!?! :(   lol)

And I guess it’s more than time for my bad pix of my good food lunches. I know you all have been waiting anxiously! The first one is what I usually have at least half the days in a week – a lunch meat sandwich and side salad, along with what I use to make it:

Approx 310 calories.  Calorie deets are here in this Nutrition Info post.



At other times, I have something like a steak salad, or this salad with leftover grilled chicken shown here:

Approx. 343 calories.  Calorie deets available in the same Nutrition Info post as for the sandwich.



And it is now 1:30 PM EST, and I haven’t had my lunch yet! So I am off to make it now, so that I don’t end up skipping it. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave comments about lunch, or thin people who can GET THEIR EAT ON! or whatever you like. :)


*For the record, I have  known the occasional person who felt they were too thin and/or because of medical advice, has tried – without much success – to gain weight.  Particularly, it seems to be  those who suffer from food allergies and/or intestinal conditions, which fortunately, I do not.  They have to stuff themselves silly on what they can eat, and still find it difficult to gain.  I honestly think that for such people, that is much more difficult and frustrating than it is for me to lose weight.  So I sympathize. I really do.  Intellectually. Emotionally, I find it’s much the same as me trying to sympathize with someone who has problems because of being too beautiful, or too rich. Ya know?

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