Bad Pix of Good Food

good (to me!) food I eat, and the bad pictures I take of it – just for you!

Leftovers: Same Thing – Only Different!


Leftovers! They are like magic, in their way. Put some food you’ve already made into your hat (not literally!) and…PRESTO CHANGE-O! Pull out the same thing – only different!  How different is up to you.  You can just eat it the same way, or morph it into something a little different. Or very different. Whatevs! Use your imagination.

I really rely on leftovers to help me control what I eat
.  Heck, I’ve actually relied on them anyway, since…ummm…forever? They solve a myriad of  mealtime problems. Not sure what to make tonight? Hey, there are leftovers I can have.  On a food budget? Using leftovers helps. Don’t really feel like cooking tonight? Leftovers. Haven’t made a store run in a while and pretty much out of everything? Leftovers. Don’t want to eat lunch out all the time when at work? Or tired of just brown-bagging the same ol’, same ol’ bologna sandwiches…you guessed it – leftovers! Only cooking for one, and it is a PITA? Just cook the whole recipe and use the leftovers! And if you really  just don’t want to eat them again so soon, you can freeze most leftovers and just pull them out again down the road one day.  Okay. I’ll stop. Picture. Painted. And then some.  I told you – I love leftovers! Hee!

Besides, the REAL point of this post is to just to say how leftovers really do help me in my calorie-counting adventures.  It’s soooooo easy to get off track when you are HUNGRY! and also for whatever reasons, like those above, you just aren’t willing or able to put together a meal from point zero. Using up some current leftovers, or pulling some I had in the freezer, has saved my a** (pun intended!) more times than I can count in this regard. See this post and this one, too for a couple of examples of things I’ve made with leftovers, that I have posted about so far. There WILL be more, I gairrr-ron-teeee! /justinwilson.

So now, on to today’s bad pix of good food, featuring leftovers that I had this week…

I had two meals this week using the same grilled chicken breast.  Actually three, if you count the original meal, which was cooked up by my friends, Mrs. T. and Mr. T., who then thoughtfully sent me home with a nice care package of some of the leftover (and yummy!) chicken. I have nice friends! :)   So one night, I took 6 oz of the chicken,  grabbed some other stuff I had on hand:



And in less than a whopping  15 minutes of  my valuable time…PRESTO! Dinner was served! And keep reading…there’s more!



Since I had made more than I needed of the couscous and green beans (remember, cooking for just one is a PITA!), a couple of nights later I just threw the rest of that into ONE pan (just to heat it up) with 4 more oz of the same chicken and…TADA! Another dinner. In less than FIVE whole minutes this time!



So hey, maybe it’s not the most exciting thing to eat leftovers sometimes, but in a pinch, it still ALWAYS beats having to resort to eating just a “meh” frozen dinner, like I posted previously. Or even worse, end up eating something that throws you way off your calorie track!

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think about leftovers – love ‘em..or not…whatever! :)


Note: I’ve had people tell me they WILL NOT eat leftovers. I just don’t get it.  Okay, maybe they don’t love them or anything, fine but…no offense to anyone…it seriously just makes my brain cramp trying to figure out why they absolutely REFUSE to eat leftovers.  The way I figure it, if you’ve eaten at say, a fast food Taco Joint more than once in a short period, you’ve had leftovers! Same ingredients, just mixed up a different way each time!  But, hey, different strokes, right? :)


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