Bad Pix of Good Food

good (to me!) food I eat, and the bad pictures I take of it – just for you!




My first official post with a bad pic of some good food (well, sort of…)!

Mmmmm…I love milk. Milky, milk, milk! /ronburgundy

I really do love milk!  I can DRINK ME SOME milk! Like a gallon in couple of days sometimes if I’m really on a roll.  O_O I love to drink it with just about any meal. Some things I just CANNOT even eat unless I have a nice, cold glass of milk with it.  And I don’t mean no 8oz dinky little thimbleful glass. Peanut butter on toast, for example.  Or other things are just a little less enjoyable without some frosty milk.  Like pasta dishes with tomato based sauces.  Or chicken noodle soup.  OK, that might sound weird to some of you, but some of my milk lovahs will understand.

But,  unfortunately, counting calories forces me to drastically reduce the amount of milk I would normally consume. Well, technically, I could drink my days’ calories in milk if I wanted, but alas – though delicious, it is not exactly filling. And since I cannot seem to stop my self from buying it by the gallon, instead of 1/2 gallons, I am often faced with what to do with the milk before it expires – a heretofore unheard of problem in the PAM_SEZ household.

Well, you’ve probably guessed my solution by now…MILK CUBES!

milk cubes


Luckily, milk freezes very well, and tastes exactly the same when thawed out (at least low and non-fat milks do. I don’t drink whole milk, so I have never tried freezing it.)  I have occasionally frozen the milk I have left, right in its jug, when I was going out of town and didn’t want it to spoil while I was away. When I come back home, I just pop it back into the fridge and I gets me my delicious milk back!  But freezing half the milk left in this particular gallon wasn’t going to solve my problem.  It was almost expired, and if I thawed out a big “chunk” I would still have to drink it all right away then.  Not that I wouldn’t love to, but…

So tada! MILK CUBES were born!  I figure I can throw these in the blender when making smoothies, which I do frequently.  And each cube weighed in at approx 1 oz, so I can just count them out and know how much I had.  Wile E Coyote – SUPER GENIUS! :D

Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments, or if you will/have tried this yourself.




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