Bad Pix of Good Food

good (to me!) food I eat, and the bad pictures I take of it – just for you!


Welcome to BPOGF!


Welcome to my new blog, Bad Pix of Good Food!  

This blog is about my adventures in calorie-counting and food planning.  Perhaps blogging about it will keep me busy enough to not eat bad stuff!! :)   And if you find some useful tips or ideas here, that would be great, too!

So, why am I posting bad pictures of my good food? Because I’M HUNGRY AND WANT TO EAT my food – not play with it, fussing for pictures! Food styling turns out to be like, hard and stuff. Also, I only have my camera phone, and don’t feel inclined to buy a real camera for this right now. You know, at least until this whole blog thing of mine blows up and goes viral, or whatever. :-D

See my About BPOGF page for more info on what this blog will contain.

I usually add content at least once a week, but as of this posting and for the near future, my blog is still under under construction.  Please check back for additional content – or a reasonable facsimile thereof.


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