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good (to me!) food I eat, and the bad pictures I take of it – just for you!


Happy Extra Day for PANCAKES Weekend!


Or, as the rest of the world besides me calls it, Labor Day Weekend. :)

Actually, I will probably have my FAVE!! weekend breakfast, Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Pancakes, only on Saturday and Sunday, as usual. Monday, I will still go back to my  everyday go-to breakfast.  I find that keeping to my normal meal routine as much as possible helps me keep my calorie intake on track more easily over the long haul. Especially after a holiday or special occasion where I’m likely to overindulge just a tad.  Or two tads. Maybe three.  But feel free to enjoy an extra PANCAKE day, if that works for you!

Holidays and special occasions are great, but they also make it extra challenging to stay on calorie-track.  This Labor Day Weekend, I’ll be faced with trying to not overindulge on the typical fare of the occasion, like BBQ hot dogs and beer. YUM! Okay, I’m not really even a hot dog kind of person, so truthfully, that pretty much  just means beer! :D

I’d share my tried-and-true tips for not blowing your calorie budget during holidays (or birthdays, or weddings, or [insert any special occasion here]), but I don’t really have any.  Sorry. To be honest, I mostly just kind of try to white-knuckle it, and hope for the best! :) If I do blow it out a little, I try to just shake it off (mentally, that is…although physically would help a lot, too, actually! ) and get back to my normal routine ASAP.  What else can ya do, sometimes? Amirite? Because to me, tips for how not to blow your diet pretty much all boil down to: don’t eat too much.  Like the “tips” you always hear in the media about how to avoid hangovers quickly boils right down to “don’t drink too much!” Gee. Thanks. :)

But, if you have any tips you’d like to share other than my less-than-ideal white-knuckling away from the tasty holiday treats while drinking beer approach, please let us all know in the comments! I’d love to hear them, and maybe I’ll even be able to make some work!

Happy and safe Labor Day Weekend to all!






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