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Favoritest FAVE!! Sweet Potato Fries


Hey there, readers! If you love sweet potato fries like I do, I thought I’d share a new (to me) grocery store find – frozen sweet potato fries.

I FLOVE sweet potato fries! And sweet potatoes pretty much anyway you make ‘em, but as fries are definitely my FAVE way to have them.  Which is a little odd, since although the Irish gal in me also LOVES me some regular potatoes too, regular french fries don’t really turn my crank.  I’m not sure why, but I rarely choose to eat regular fries, and I never get cravings for them. Same with potato chips, now that I think of it. But I don’t question it really, because I’m grateful for any “naughty” foods that I don’t crave – it’s a short list!

Back to the SP fries! I don’t eat out very often, but when I do, and if they have SP fries on the menu, I am ordering them, guaranteed – calories be damned!  They seem to be appearing more commonly on restaurant menus in recent years.  Several years ago, the only place I knew that had them (well, had the BEST made-in-house ones, anyway) was this riverfront restaurant/dive bar about 40 miles drive from me. They were thick-cut and fried to perfection – crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside – and served with…wait for it…cinnamon butter! Real, delicious butter with cinnamon mixed in, on the side for dipping. Your basic heart attack on a plate, probably, but I did not give one ****! To my credit, I did not drive 80 miles round trip to get them (although I thought about it on occasion).  I had a friend that  used to live in the little one-horse town where the restaurant/dive bar was located, and any time I visited, straight to get some sweet potato fries we went!

More recently, I was driving past a Burger King, and noticed their sign said “Try our new sweet potato fries!” HOT DAMN! I almost drove off the road!  Fortunately, I used my ninja-like driving reflexes and instead turned on a dime (and two wheels) into the BK to get me some!  Sadly, (luckily, really)  they were a complete disappointment. Too thin, kinda soggy and pretty much lacking in any actual, you know…sweet potato flavor.  Sorry to Burger King, but that is my honest opinion.  I even tried them another time, just to be sure I didn’t get a bad batch or something, and found them to be the same. :(

So usually, I just end up making sweet potato “fries” at home once in a while. I say “fries” because I don’t actually fry them.  Because 1) we all know fried foods aren’t the best choice health or calorie-wise and 2) I am accident-prone and therefore terrified to work with any real amount of  hot oil.  Yes, I know “safe” gizmos such as Fry Daddies and the like exist.  I also know that if there is any possible way to burn myself or my kitchen down with one, I will find it. So I usually just slice up some sweet potatoes and coat them in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, etc., and roast them in the oven.  Delish, but not really FRIES. You know what I’m saying.

So the point of all my yammering on about SP fries is to share a new grocery store find in the frozen section: Sweet Potato Fries by Alexia. They have several different varieties, and I had the julienne style fries with sea salt.  Here is a bad pic of them with the dinner I had along with – a salad with grilled pork chop and corn, which is basically this steak salad with pork instead of steak, because I had leftover boneless pork loin chops and corn from grilling the other night.

alexiasweetpotatofries_09072013I found these at my local Publix grocery store, and decided to try them because I FLOVE SWEET POTATO FRIES and they were also on sale as a BOGO, so there was no way I was not going to try them.  I got one bag of SP fries, and one of their regular potato puffs, which I also like to have on occasion.  I have not tried the puffs yet.

The verdict? Good! I was very pleased with them, and will buy them again.  Only when they go BOGO probably, cause I’m a little cheap like that on some things. I do wish they were a little thicker-cut, so I will probably try their waffle-cut or something next time. Also, they are “all natural” and don’t contain any wacky ingredients that I could see, which is something I typically look for when I do buy a frozen/convenience  food product.  Because real ingredients tends to mean it will taste…like real food.

The fries shown here are almost two servings (166 grams to be exact), and contains 277 calories. They are higher in calories than the same amount of sweet potatoes that I would make myself with approx. 1/2 TBSP of olive oil.  I calculated that would be 185 calories.  But these Alexia fries are par-fried before being frozen according to their website. I baked them in the oven, but their par-frying process gave them that real fries quality that I wanted, so it was worth it to me.  Not something I would eat all the time because I may not usually have the calories to spare, but this time I did.

And I was thinking of going all hipster gastro-pub pretentious foodie and put the fries on the salad.  But I like only salad dressing on my salad and only ketchup on my fries, so I kept them separate. Well, what I REALLY like on my sweet potato fries is real, delicious cinnamon butter, but I’ve gotta draw the line somewhere, I guess.

The whole meal as shown contained approx. 605 calories. You can get the calorie breakdown in this Nutrition Info post. That’s more than I usually have for a single meal – even dinner, which I prefer to be my largest meal of the day – but I had enough calories left this particular day, so there you have it.

So let me know in the comments if you try these, and what you think of them.  Or any thing else you would like to comment on or ask questions about.  Thanks as always for reading!


Disclaimery stuff: I have no affiliation whatsoever with any companies or products mentioned in this post.


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