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Dinner: Pasta & Kielbasa? What the Whaa?


Yes. That is what I had for dinner last night.  I know what you might be thinking: “Pasta and KIELBASA on a diet? Girllll….I think we know how you got fat!”

Well..nuh uh! Gaining fat or losing fat is not necessarily about what you eat, but more about how much you eat. Calories in vs. calories out.  The End. Well, kind of.  Quality counts – the better foods you choose, the more you can have of them, and the better it is for you health-wise.  This is what I love about calorie-counting, the limits on what foods I eat are made by…me. More on this in another post, for now…back to the kielbasa! Here is my bad pic of it, along with the pasta and roasted cauliflower.

kielbasapasta_082013 I should clarify a couple of things: One, that this is actually lean(er) Turkey Kielbasa by Jennie-O. I could have had the real deal if I wanted, but this did seem a little saner, and plus it was buy one-get one, so…sold! And two, even normally, I really only eat kielbasa maybe like…once or twice a year at someone’s barbeque? If that. So it’s all good, IMO.

So…I got a hankering for it one day when I was trying to think of a meat I could grill for “practice” on my new lil’ Weber Smokey Joe Silver (I know, I know). I’m new to grilling, so I didn’t want to start out with a nice piece of more expensive meat and fu…fudge it up! So there it is. On to this dinner: I had leftover grilled, sliced kielbasa in the freezer (leftovers are a big thing with me, I talk about it in this post). I took that and added some whole-wheat penne and a big side of roasted cauliflower & tomato and there you have it!

Total calories: 521 approx. See the deets in the Nutrition Info. I will note that this meal is still higher in calories,  fat and sodium content, than my usual for a single meal, but if I only do that once in a while, it all works itself out in the wash.

kielbasaonfork_082013And if a forkful of this doesn’t make you just a little bit tingly, then we need to end this charade and just be friends! :-D





P.S. Disclaimer time! As always, I have no affiliation whatsoever with any companies or products mentioned in this post. Arigato!

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