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good (to me!) food I eat, and the bad pictures I take of it – just for you!


Dinner: I <3 Turkey – Ground Turkey Meatballs


Okay, using a picture of Turkish Whirling Dervishes for the title picture of this post might be a bit of a stretch.  But when I Googled “I heart turkey”  looking for pictures, this is one of the ones that came up, and I thought it was neat. And how often do you get to insert Whirling Dervishes into a topic of conversation? Can’t be more than maybe once a week, at most! Also, it turns out that appetizing images of ground up turkey meat are hard to find. Who knew?

turkey_manOh, and by the way…my “I heart turkey” search also returned a picture of this guy…but I was a little reluctant to put him out there front and center on the main blog page. I have to think of the children out there, you know! Heh.

Anyhooo…ummm…what was I talking about? Oh, right…so, if  I we can turn my our attention away from our hunky Turkish sheepherder friend or whoever he is, it’s time to talk turkey! Ground turkey, that is.

This is what I had for dinner tonight – turkey meatballs! With gravy! And mashed potatoes! With butter! Oh, and peas. Whatevs.  Kidding! Peas are yummy, too. Not turkey-gravy-mashed-potato-butter yummy, but still, I am not trying to dis’ the peas!

And before you see the bad pix of my good food, I should say: Do NOT be alarmed by the color of the mashed potatoes!  I repeat, do not be alarmed by the color of the potatoes! I assure you they are perfectly normal-tasting mashed potatoes!

I used a mix of baby potatoes that I had, and as you can see pictured above the plate, some of them were purple potatoes.  I could have used only the white and red-skinned ones, but I didn’t think of it, and I just threw some taters in the pot. I have to admit, it took me a second to figure out how the hell I ended up with purple-y gray-ish mashed potatoes. :D   But they were still perfectly delicious. And I also left the skins on, as I wasn’t going to fiddle with trying to peel baby potatoes.  If they were the larger ones, I would have peeled them, but either way is delish.



Total calories: 528 approx.

Get the breakdown of the calories in this Nutrition Info post.  FYI, I did do a little estimating on this one – nothing major, though.  For example, I used the ingredients shown in the picture below to make the meatballs.  I didn’t feel like getting out my slide rule (old school! haha!) to calculate what fractions of the meatballs were turkey vs.  bread crumbs, egg, etc.,  so I just counted the weight of them all as turkey calories, and figure I really  have it covered that way.

Also, I did not count the gravy. “WHAT?!” Well, I figure the way I made it, it really shouldn’t have many calories, and I covered my bases pretty well with “turkey calories” thing. I baked the meatballs shown here (it’s just easier that way, and just as yummy IMO!) But I did have a few extra that would not fit on the baking sheet.  So I browned those (no added oil!) in the skillet I had used to saute the veggies that went into the meatballs. After they browned, I added some no-sodium chicken broth, and let them simmer till done. Then, I took out the meatballs and used a cornstarch/chicken broth slurry to thicken up the “turkified” broth that was already in there. I added a sprinkle of  kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, let it simmer down a little and TADA! Gravy of the not-fattening variety. I hope. Kidding.  Although I try to keep very accurate track of things as much as possible, sometimes I have to let little things like that go, or I would make myself nuts with it! As long as I keep losing weight at the rate I expect, it’s fine.

Here is the pic of what I used to make my baked turkey meatballs.  NOTE: I ended up only using one of the eggs pictured, not both. Also, I finely chopped the parsley and pressed the garlic after the pic was taken.  If you would like more details about how I made these, please feel free to ask questions in the comments, I will be happy to try and explain it.  But for now, this post is plenty long enough. And I hope you will <3 these turkey meatballs, too! But not the sheepherder guy. He’s mine. Hahahaha!



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