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Dinner: BFD! Treat Yo’ Self!


BFD – Breakfast for Dinner! Treat yo’ self! And I did. But no, I did NOT go to a Waffle House, don’t worry! But I DID treat myself to my own two-egg (plus one egg white) veggie & cheese omelet for dinner, so I served it up on an official Waffle House plate that they had given to me one time. That’s right – I didn’t just take it, I was once GIVEN a plate by a Waffle House. Yeah. Don’t hate!

I’ve always thought of BFD as a treat ever since I was a little kid. When our mom would once in while say that we were having breakfast for dinner, my sister and I would marvel at her powers to just break all the rules like that! It was crazy! Wild! Cool! Hey – we were just little kids. In the 70s. It really didn’t take much to blow a kid’s mind back then.

And now it can feel like a treat because of all the “eggs are bad for you…eggs are good for you…wait a minute…yes…no…maybe” that you hear in the media from “nutrition experts.” Yeesh. But I didn’t really pay that much mind, because it’s not like I ever really ate them all that often, anyway. But these days, eggs totally wreak havoc with my food tracker stats, so I think more carefully instead of just going nuts and maybe eating a couple of eggs all willy-nilly once in while. Heh. Maybe I’ll go into it more in future post, but suffice it to say for now that somehow,  kielbasa flies under the food tracker radar, but just 2 eggs will slam it almost to DEFCON 2! And because of that, I had some eggs kinda languishing in my fridge, and I decided I needed to just use them up – tracker stats be damned! And…BOOM! BFD night!

Anyway, enough rambling…here is my bad pic of my Treat Yo’ Self BFD:

Approx 479 calories for everything shown here: Omelet made with 2 large eggs + 1 egg white, stuffed with sauteed (no oil) zucchini, sweet peppers, tomato, scallions, chives, garlic, and parsley, and 1 slice Sargento Ultra Thin Swiss Cheese. Also includes 1 slice toasted Pepperidge Farms German Dark Wheat bread (a FAVE!!), light butter, raspberry preserves, and that teeny little 4oz thimbleful glass of skim milk. That’s about all the milk calories I could afford to squeeze in this time, as I also had 8oz in my [actual] breakfast smoothie this morning, but an egg breakfast is one of those things I CANNOT even eat without any milk, so there it is.

See the deets of the  Nutrition Info for this meal.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think about BFD, or if you wanna know how I totally scored my very own Waffle House plate, or anything else you would like!


P.S. Disclaimer, di-schmaimer: I have no affiliation whatsoever with any companies or products mentioned in this post. So thanks!

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