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good (to me!) food I eat, and the bad pictures I take of it – just for you!


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When I make a post with a bad pic of my good food, I plan to follow that up with a separate post to the basic nutrition info (read: calorie content).  I will include  links in each pair of posts to the food/meal and its Nutrition Info, or vice-a versa, versa vice and all that.  Like HERE and HERE.

I find it SUPER helpful when other bloggers or articles somehow include the calorie content of the food they are posting about.  If I have to spend more than a nano few seconds guesstimating whether the calorie count is acceptable to me, I tend to lose interest, no matter how healthy and delicious looking it is.  And even in searching for “healthy” foods, I’m sure we all know by now that “healthy” does not necessarily mean “low-calorie”.  Like my brain pretty much locks on “FRIG NO!” the minute I see an ingredient like peanut butter, for example.  Sure, PB is tasty and “good” for you, but I don’t LOVE it enough to make the requisite calories v. quantity sacrifice. And if the calorie info isn’t pretty much right in front of my face, I’m going to assume it’s too high for me and move on.  (NOTE: I recently bought some PB2, which may actually change that, but my old brain is hard to re-train…I’m working on it! But  the virtues of PB2 is for another post another time).

So, if you are curious, just click the link for Nutrition Info I will provide in each post.  It will just contain a screen shot of my entry for that meal made in MyNetDiary, which will just show quantity of each ingredient I used and its calorie info.  Just FYI, calories won’t be EXACTLY EXACT EXACT, as I often omit some very low-calorie ingredients (most veggies) because I get lazy about that sometimes. OK, most times.  I’ll probably usually mention in the posts what else all I actually threw in that I didn’t count.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you think this will be helpful to you!



P.S. Disclaimarooni: I have no affiliation whatsoever with either MyNetDiary or PB2. So there!

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