Bad Pix of Good Food

good (to me!) food I eat, and the bad pictures I take of it – just for you!


A Bread by Any Other Name Would Taste as Sweet…


With apologies to Sir William Shakespeare. Also, I do go on a bit before I get to the bad pix, but there is one, never fear!

Bread…they don’t call it the “staff of life” for nothing.  At least in my life, anyway.  Bread is one of the reasons I could not possibly deal with a low-carb diet.  Also potatoes. And rice. And MILK! And all the other delicious carby stuff that I adore.  I don’t know that for a fact, as I’ve never actually even attempted a low-carb diet, but I think I know myself pretty well at this point in my life.

However, even with calorie-counting, I do have to make my sacrifices in the bread department. And everything else, too, but this is about bread right now.  I mean technically, I could eat all my calories in bread (and precious, precious milk and whatever carb-y deliciousness I wanted), but that doesn’t make the best nutritional or hunger-satisfying sense.  So I try to keep things balanced.

Hence, dealing with “the bread problem” is an almost daily struggle for me.  The problem being, I want to eat more bread than I currently allow myself to eat! And actually, I’m pretty okay with it really, until…sandwich making time.  Almost everyday at lunch I found myself getting a little miffed over what just 2 slices of bread will cost me calorie-wise. For my current bread of choice, Pepperidge Farm 100% Natural German Dark Wheat, that would be 200 calories for 2 slices.  Just for the bread, never mind putting something between it. And since I’m trying to stick to around 1400 calories for a whole day, that’s a little too much for my comfort level.

So, I have to make choices.  I could buy a lower-calorie bread, but those are usually not whole grain breads, and I vastly prefer whole grain…anything.  I have for many, many years, long before such things were available in “regular” grocery stores.  Back in the day, you had to seek out a “Health Food” store, and wait in line with a bunch of communal-living hippies who didn’t know the 60s were over, or suspicious-looking characters trying to find some  herb capsules that supposedly could make one pass their “whizz” tests.  Not that I’m judging on either account, just sayin’. :D   Anyway, I definitely am delighted that whole grain products are readily available just about anywhere nowadays.

Another option is to eat only half a sandwich. Half.  The mere idea of this somehow infuriates me to no end!  I don’t care how much stuff you pile in the middle of a half-sandwich, it’s still ONLY HALF! You know who gets to have only half a sandwich? INMATES! Wait – I think they actually get a whole sandwich.  Okay, then…children!  I am not a little kid! I am a grown-ass woman, and I want a WHOLE sandwich for my lunch! Is that really asking too much? Apparently, yes! Ahem. I will collect myself now.

My last resort then, was to find a smaller or thinner style of whole-grain bread.  I experimented with trying a variety of pita-style, wrap and flat breads, and seem to have found one that solves my admittedly peculiar bread “issues” little problem – Arnold Sandwich Thins.  They also go on sale regularly at my grocery store as BOGO, and I am ALL about that! And finally, here is a bad pic of my lunch today, with the Sandwich Thins package shown on the right above my WHOLE sandwich:

breads_09132013These are whole-grain, and come in a variety of flavors, all of which I like equally, and are 100 calories each, the same as one slice of my FAVE German Dark Wheat bread, shown toward the left.  I now reserve that for when I want to have a piece of toast at breakfast once in a while.  That’s right, 1 slice of toast is fine with me, half a sandwich made with 1 slice – NOT SO MUCH!  Yeah, I can’t make sense of it either.  And while this may seem like “much ado about nothing” (more apologies to Sir William),  the point is, all of us have some little quirks or other when it comes to eating.  And when you are dieting, sometimes you have to work at finding a solution that both fills your belly and keeps you happy, or you may end up eating too much for your plan.

FYI, to the far left is another Arnold product, Pocket Thins.  These are basically the same thing, but larger.  I deluded myself into thinking misread the packaging and thought that the 100 calories shown was for the entire round. It is not though, that’s just for half a round. Need I say more as to why I was not thrilled with these! I will finish them eventually, though. I should note that I keep all my breads in the freezer, as (even normally) I don’t get through them fast enough before they get stale or spoil. I just pop one out at a time as needed and let thaw, or zap in the microwave for 10-15 seconds.

And hey, that’s all, folks! Until next time, anyway. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment away.


Disclaimer-tini: I have no affiliation whatsoever with any companies or products mentioned in this post. Thanky!



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